Manage Your Alexa Skill Notifications

Manage Alexa Skill Notifications – Some of Alexa’s abilities can notify you of certain events, such as: When an order is received.

Notification options for participating skill features that you can activate on the skill details page.

Example – AccuWeather’s ability to send notifications about severe weather warnings.

Not all skills have notifications, and skill developers determine which events produce notifications. For more information about the notification options available for certain abilities, see the skills detail page.

To turn on or turn off skills notifications:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Open the menu and select Skills.
  3. Choose your Skills. Select the ability to see available notification options.
  4. Select Manage Permissions.
  5. Use the switch to turn notifications on or off.

When you receive a notification, you hear a beep and a yellow pulsing light ring. The echo event also displays a notification banner on the screen.

You can always ask Alexa for a notification by saying “read my notice”.

Tips: To adjust the sound and volume for notification skills, open the menu in the Alexa application and open the settings. Select your device and then Sound.

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